3 September 2013

Hi there. Been a while. How are you going?

From the contrast between two fields of noise comes much human understanding. We are pattern-seeking mammals, trying to observe the universe the best we can so that we can survive it. We won't. The universe will in a few billion years reach it's end-point of this grand equilibrium we're part of.

My little life. It's not much to shout about, really, but I enjoy it. I go about it, doing the things I like, trying out new stuff while appreciating what I know, never afraid to admit to failings. Try, and try again. My kids, my dog, my house, my wife. There is much to love and appreciate in that, in between the quarrels and loans and wee on the carpet (mostly the dog). But these patterns of a suburban recluse don't sound very special. However, they are special in that I approved sketching them up, I thought it was the right thing to do. And I still think that.

No, another chapter unfolds, and the family and our lives are about to change. Hopefully this time not so dramatic as we have in the past, but changes there will be. And let's see if we can make them positive.

Because I do believe that; any change can be positive.

And so I shall return this blog to a place of thoughts. Don't know what thoughts yet; my mind is altered, I've taken some different directions in the last couple of years, but all in all, I promise to enjoy it more.