19 December 2015

I made something : A wine site

I just finished a website for a wine-making friend of mine, check it out and let me know what you think; salet.com.au

So, I have never been a huge wine drinker, always thought that it was ok. However, after getting to know a few garagerista wine-makers here in Australia, all of that has changed; I now would love a glass (or two), provided it is of really good quality. As in, amazing quality.

That's how I bumped into local wine-maker Michael from Currarong (about 30 minutes south of Kiama) and Salet Wines, I just absolutely love these wines, so rich and full of flavour, yet smooth and delicious, with a bite and awesome feel. I honestly didn't know wine until I had these, and I'm a total convert.

Anyway, his old site was a bit naff, so I made him a new one. And as long as Michael makes these wines, I'll be buying them, because they rock!