22 October 2015

ThinkPlot.org - my new business

So, I've gone solo at ThinkPlot.org, and started my own business, and will talk more about the stuff I do there, here, over time, but first just need to get the name and concept out there. I won't go on for too long about all the things I can do, but in short;
  • UX: All things usability, customer experience, information architecture, analysis, testing, design, prototyping, wireframes, profiles, personas, user journeys, thinking, facilitating, teaching, coaching, presenting
  • GUI: All things user interface development, HTML5, CSS, JavaScripting, web technologies, frameworks, technologies, prototyping, demos, web development, REST, Topic Maps, web standards, accessibility, and so on
  • Misc: facilitation, research, deep analysis, project management, team leadership, strategy, presenting, conferences, teaching, coaching, drink coffee, medieval re-enactment and martial arts (I specialise in short sword and buckler/dagger combo, using Talhofer as a basis, but also Sprechfenster, Langenort and what I can pick up from Alber), music (composing, performing), photography and movies (writing, directing, producing)
If you need a freelance UX / GUI / coffee drinker guy, check out ThinkPlot.org and see if I can help you out. I'm not expensive, have high flexibility, and low tolerance for Biased Unverifiable Lax Logical Substantiation of Hegemonic Ideological Truths.