8 June 2006

Some confusion : lack of blogging? No!

Hi all; it seems that I've screwed up (by not knowing all the nooks and corners of Blogger.com), so I suspect a lot of you have subscribed to my feed looking like this ;


And the reason there's been so quiet from me is that I've been rambling off at ;


The auto-detect links were screwy, but the link above should always redirect you to the right place. I'm hosting my blog on my own site but using blogger.com as a manager, so the shelterit.blogspot.com address was only there from when I was setting the system up. Sorry for all this, guys.


  1. Does this mean that you're abandoning Atom in favor of RSS?

  2. No, not at all. As you know, blogger.com only supports Atom. I was trying to set up a feedburner.com redirect so I could support both formats, but I've given up on it (feedburner.com did a crap job for me).

    So don't let the semantics of the *name* my main feed (shelter.rss) fool you; it's a forward to my blogger.com Atom feed. :) In other words, I'm abandoning trying to make RSS work as longs as I'm using blogger.com.