3 September 2010

Tabs dumping

I'm in dire need to dump all the interesting stuff lounging around in my various tabs in various browsers (don't we all use more than one browser at a time?), so I can make more space for whatever weird stuff that comes my way. I'm sure this particular collection will say something about where I'm mentally up to these days, but I have no fear! So here goes ;

Hawking hasn't changed his mind about God : This one is an obvious story from this week, about one of the smartest people in the world making obvious declarations about the nature of, well, nature, but it's interesting all the same, coupled with some other news about being able to test the merits of String Theory.

What happened to behaviorism? : Is Skinner dead? Well, yes, but is he truly dead? As in, Schrödinger's cat dead?

Amateur astronomer reporting a UFO : It is said that there's a good reason astronomers don't report UFOs, because they most likely know what they're looking at. But what happens when they don't?

What is morality? : Another brilliant endeavor by Luke Muehlhauser, a nice little introductory eBook on moral philosophies.

Infrasound : Yes, interesting in its own right, but have a look at the Ghost on the Machine, when you instead of thinking you're seeing ghosts you investigate properly and think scientifically; a whole new world can open up and be explained a lot better.

Did freedom evolve? : Evolutionary epistemology and free-will, what can be more fun?

Journal of Evolution and Technology : Good guy Australian philosopher and author Russell Blackford not only pointed me to this eminent online journal, he's also writing for it in various capacities. It looks really good, a must read. (And both him and me are present in the blog comments on the previous item)

Porter Stemmer : Don't stammer, stemmer, with Porter. Mince words, not meaning. Cut words down to their stems, and use that for semantic analysis.

Protovis : A brilliant data visualizer toolkit which I'm using quite a lot these days. And simple to integrate into stuff. Um. Like, Topic Maps. Yeah, I'll blog more on this later.

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