14 April 2011

xSiteable coming along

Just a quick note that the xSiteable framework is coming along nicely, and I've started to document it and clean it up ready for a release in a couple of weeks time. Yeah, I know, release small, release often, but there are some basics I'm going through right now that will impact it enough to make a 0.9 release bunk in a week or so, so I'm just holding out a little bit more.

Anyway, take a look at the introductory page I put up at GitHub, which should give you enough info ;


And let me know what you think. This is the framework itself, and we're releasing the CMS / CRM / Intranet / DataWarehouse / ERP / DMS / whatever system as open-source probably at the same time, we just gotta come up with a name for it first. :)

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