26 March 2012


Hiya. Just thought I'd pop in an explain the lack of posts. Again, too much to write about (and I've got a concert review coming in the next couple of days), but most of my silence was due to an accident I had a couple of weeks ago; a massive beam with nails in it rolled over and slammed into my left arm (and I'm left-handed), the nail puncturing a main artery, blood and gore everywhere, doctors, hospital, now arm in sling for over a week, more tests and scans, complications, etc. I'm writing this post veeeery slowly.

I'm slightly better today, first day of improvement in a long time, so I'm hopeful, and I'm sure I'll get into some more details later on. I'll return to work soon, but I suspect my drumming career is on the blink. On the positive side, I've had plenty of time to read (like the awesome "Don't sleep, there's snakes" which I'll review a bit later, too), especially starting and finishing Sam Harris' "Free-will" during casualty on Saturday (which I'm sure I'll write more on later as well) waiting between doctors and scans.

All in all, this latter subject points to what I'm doing a lot these days as well, dipping into philosophy a lot, mainly dipping into Aquinas and history of doctrine, and Wittgenstein the elder, epistemology as usual, with a strong focus on philosophy of science and determinism as a vehicle for the illusion of free-will (and implications thereof).

I shall talk more on that on my other blog, so here I'll push xSiteable as it shapes itself into a publishable form, and a new project I've been involved in called KTV (but I'll shed more details on this later; basically a local "tv" channel for the Kiama area, only online, and an organisation that helps to create content for the local community we live in). I'll update about our family life a bit later, too, since the girls are doing very well with their music (Grace just won a scholarship), but more details later.



  1. Hi Alexander! I just discovered your blog (through a Google alert for "Kiama"). I'm a developer as well, writing telecommunications software in Java on Linux, so it sounds like we have a lot in common. I think I'll be coming back here often.

    I'm very interested in your kTV project - do you have a web site or any more info you could share?

    Oh, and I also have a daughter named Grace. :-)

  2. Hi Darren, good to hear from you. Always interested in geeks in the area, we should meet up.

    KTV is currently in prototype stage, at http://shelter.nu/ktv , but the stuff there is sub-par, knocked over in a couple of hours, no focus on style or CSS. The concept is a local online community with focus on videos, involving our youth, getting local advertisers to strengthen the local community. I think support for it is very strong, but the project is going slow because of, well, me and my lack of time. I want to polish up what's there to a reasonable state, and then another Kiama friend of mine will spread the word and hopefully find a bit of funding for it. It's not about the money, it's about Kiama.