15 October 2010

Canberra House for sale

Ever wanted to live in the best cutest little house in Cook in Canberra? Why, here's your chance!

Me and the family has taken a decision to live down the coast (in amazing Kiama) near the beach, basking in the sun, frolicking in the sub-tropical rain forest, sipping good coffee in the many cafes around here, and generally live in paradise for a while, if you know what I mean. So. In order to buy that house near the beach with a swimming-pool (no kidding), we need to sell our beloved house back in Canberra. It is with great sadness I hereby introduce ;

Viewed: Fond memories and hours of work

Have a look, it's a gorgeous little house in a fantastic area. When I worked for the National Library of Australia, which is beautifully situated down by the lake, I had a 7 minute commute in the car, or, 35 minutes of a couple of buses. Jamison shopping center, a mostly charming and smaller group of shops, is just around the corner. There's good stuff all around, with magical Mt. Painter just over the hill, great for walks, and especially if you've got a pet or three. Our backyard is quite large, and perfect if you've got a dog or two, with beautiful trees both front and back. And the cubby-house is a gorgeous little thing I built in Norwegian style with my father-in-law. Wish I could take it with us.

I love this house, and I'm sad to see it go. But the beach beckons me!

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