13 October 2010


So, I presented at the OzIA 2010 conference on Friday and Saturday, and since I was the last one out, I thought I'd try to lighten the mood a bit. As part of my presentation I thought I should try to come up with a couple of jokes, you know, to lighten things up, break things up, bring out the happy. But what jokes? I didn't know any Information Architecture jokes.

So I made some up.

Most sane people would stop right there, evaluate what they were doing, and admit that perhaps inventing comedy when there's a distinct lack of talent in the pertinent area perhaps is a bit stupid. Needless to say, that didn't deter me one bit. Here's the first ;
An inquisitive person walks into a bar, however he's grumpy, looking for a fight. He bumps into an information architect, who proceeded to teach him a lesson.
Now, after I told the first joke there was a deafening silence, despite the fact that I had even planted the idea amongst some of my friends there to at least try to laugh at them. Nothing. This surely would have thrown off the best of sane presenters anywhere, but not to ever be deflected or impacted by complete failure I went on to tell the next one ;
A usability researcher walks into a bar. The bartender asked what he wanted, and the usability researcher wrote that down.
Ok, a few giggles for that one, I suspect out of sympathy for the presenter who was bleeding all over the stage. Having ran out of blood, I delivered my piece-de-resistance ;
An interaction designer walks straight into a bar. Not a very good one, is he?
At this point a few more giggles were heard (perhaps my friends remembered that I'd ask them to at least try to laugh, and withstanding the gagging reflex managed to croak something that could be mistaken for laughs?) while I was given a mop by someone off-stage.

Personally I think it went rather well, but I think I've learned my lesson, and the next time I'll do interpretive dance instead. You have been warned.


  1. Ok, doing something like this in front of IA characters is like telling RDF jokes at a semantic web conference.

    Crazily sane. :-)