27 April 2010

Another bob

Busy, busy, so another miscellaneous post, but have a post planned for Thursday about abstract vs. concrete models, library science and Topic Maps which should be interesting. Until then ;


Oil Slick satellite image : A satellite  image of the oil slick that has been spreading after the oil-rig disaster last week.

The improbability pump : A great review of two books at the same time by Jerry Coyne (professor of ecology and evolution at the University of Chicago, and author of the book and favorite blog "Why evolution is true") pointing out the absurdities of two opposing poles of science ; Richard Dawkins "Greatest Show on Earth" which I've reviewed before, and Jerry Fodor and Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini's "What Darwin got wrong" (this last book has taken a severe beating amongst people in the field, and this review is no exception).

Against nature : A damn good takedown on women's issues, of what it means to be for or against nature, for what it means to be for or against female choices in an absurdly male focused world.


Maiana : Public Topic Maps voyeurism. Sexy and tasty.

Australia pushes net censorship in Washington : I live in a strange country that thinks that censorship in any way or form is something that can be democratically defended. Needless to say, most Australians who care about this issue are not amused.

My next toy : I swear, once time and money and life and the will to go on returns, I'll get this little puppy and stream all my digital media goodness through it. Although. Hmm. No video support. If this thing only had video support! Can you hear me, Western Digital?!

Philosophy and art

A.C. Grayling responds : Grayling is a British philosopher that I truly admire, both for his knowledge and engagement with society, but I also love his humour and low-key observations. Here he responds to Gray, his arch-nemesis of sorts, who did a review of Graylings latest book. If all rebuttals were this grand.

A Designer Universe? : Veering off onto the curb with this scientific view of the cosmological argument, by Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, Professor of Physics, University of Texas at Austin. "Either you mean something definite by a God, a designer, or you don't. If you don't, then what are we talking about?" Brilliant.

Godessey : Artist Lynne Naylor new exhibition looks stunning.

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