22 April 2010

Another tidbits

Dang, I'm so busy with work I don't have time to post much here these days, even though I feel another library lament coming on. Perhaps it's best for all I don't. Maybe I should do something that's at least related to work; that way I can vaguely justify it. :)

Anyhow, here we go ;

Semantic technologies

Linked Data : "recommended best practice for exposing, sharing, and connecting pieces of data, information, and knowledge on the Semantic Web using URIs and RDF." : We'll start here for what the RDF crowd is toting as their best options these days. I'm not impressed, but then I'm not very keen on open-world assumptions as they don't address specific needs. Yeah, me being silly, I know.

"CTM 1.0 : A tutorial" : What it says on the tin. If you ever wondered what an isa and ako relationship is, this might give you a clue.

Pedantic Web : "Welcome to the Pedantic Web Group" A cute attempt to basically ask people to clean up their sloppy messes. It's not going to fly, but I support the sentiment.

Sam Ruby points to "Open Graph Protocol" which looks interesting, and probably something I should get involved in with my Topic Maps stuff. Possibly a combination of my embeddable PHP Topic Maps engine and this would make for a fine plugin to various packages. Hmm.

Topincs : Speaking of Topic Maps, this video looks very, very good. Robert Cerny is churning out the cherry chutney for sure.

Other technology related bobs

Aaaaaargh! Panasonic has released two items of pure lust too close together, and I don't know what to do! Lumix DMC-G10 and it's HD video toting compact friend, DMC-ZS7.

OzIA 2010 conference CFP : I attended, presented at and did the website and design for the very first OzIA back in 2006, and it was a blast. I'm suspecting it's still a blast.

DIY Steady Cam : A contraption I want to make for a project I've got planned.

Generic science

Keep freeloaders happy with rotting corpses : Another tale of some of the poisonous critters in my garden, and this time we're dealing with a Hannibal Lecter. Goody.

OCW search : "Find free university courses online" Brilliant! Ever wanted to find online course materials, either because you're doing those classes, or, like me, you're a freeloader of all the sciency goodness?

SurfScience : Brilliant blog I found mixing the life of the beach with the life of the geek.

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