10 April 2010

Philosophical and religious matters

Some might have noticed that I often diverge into very diverse topics on this blog, but lately I've made a decision; I'm falling apart and splitting it in two!

This blog, my main blog for over 10 years now (a crazy notion all by itself!) will stay pretty much as is in terms of technology (Topic Maps, REST, SOA, clustered and distributed systems, databases, software development, and so on) and its various adventures (mine or otherwise), but also keep the personal elements and especially all things library, and perhaps the odd science post as well.

The new blog - the Sheltered Objections - will focus on philosophy and religion, and will be mainly for talking about and critiquing related such topics. I felt the time was ripe to make that distinction a bit more clear, both as I have something to say in that arena (I've been a closet philosopher all my life, much to my friends chagrin) but also because I want to let people have a choice between two mostly separated worlds.

So, if you wanna follow me on adventures of the mind and of human definition, go there and subscribe. It'll be fun, I promise.

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